Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Who Was It!

That snuck up in the night and

Tranquilised me
Replaced my leg muscles with jelly
Drilled a hole in my brain and stuffed it with cotton wool
Stuck my eyes down with glue

It's not funny, if you put me back to normal, I'll pretend it didn't happen


Friday, 22 February 2008

My Friend

This is my friend Willie and he told me today he has cancer. There is a house being built next to me ( long story and ongoing stress) and Willie has been there since the start of the build last May. He is the only good thing that has come from this house being built. I have spoken to him almost every day. I said to him "Willie you shouldn't be down that hole" He said "don't you worry about me I'm fine". He is in his eighties and can do more than I can. I take him cups of coffee, he carries my shopping in from the car. If he doesn't see me for a couple of days, he checks that I am OK, he tells my daughters "be good to your mum". He doesn't judge, he accepts that I am ill and tells me never to give up that one day I will be well. My dog loves him. I am sad and upset, I don't want him to be sick, I don't want him to die, I want him to stay my friend.

How Can This Happen

The body of a old man, aged 72, lay undiscovered for over a year after he died at home, He had been discharged from his local hospital with a terminal illness, his body was only found when his landlord asked the police to break in almost 14 months later . His neighbours were said to be stunned. What does this say about communities, what does it say about the NHS....it says it all.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Doesn't Everyone

Photograph fruit before they eat it.......NO....Are you sure ?

Look Through Any Window



Body Parts

My sporan now has various body parts, all thats left to knit is its jaw which does not look easy. I am awaiting instructions from my knitting advisor (other people have gynacologists and personal trainers, but only a special few can claim to have a knitting advisor). Looking at the pattern ( yes there is a pattern I am not just making it up as I go along... at least not all of it, the few extra or missing stitches are deliberate mistakes to add character ) it feels beyond me, but I am not beaten yet. My knitting advisor ( AKA Karen ) and I have agreed that a conference call (I'll call you and put you on speaker phone, I will have the sporan all laid out and a miracle will occur) would be advisable when I get to the stage of sewing (I can't sew ) it together, scary words like tacking stitches were mentioned. I am so looking forward to this call. Drugs (legal) may be involved, tea will definately be present and having to lie down afterwards will be compulsory, for someone with ME this will be a bit like getting drunk in the middle of the day, but it will be good fun.
My niece Eleni has already claimed ownership, so I cannot let her down. She calls every day to ask "is it finished" I tell her " not yet but soon ". "Have you stuffed it yet" she asks, I tell her "not yet but soon". She tells me she already has a name for it, but can't tell me until it has been born (stuffed). No pressure there then.
Off to make a cuppa and revive my weary brain.

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Monkey Madness

I am knitting ! Yes I have finally joined the monkee madness courtesy of my friend Karen . It must be at least 20 years since I picked up a pair of knitting needles, so you would think I would start of with something easy, but I have chosen to knit with hairy wool,I must be mad. So far it has been frustrating fun ( be quiet I'm counting ) and who knows if it will ever turn out to look like a monkey. Karen sent me a message saying hers looked like a sporan and although mine resembles a sporan that has gone through the wash there is a chance I am doing something right. Not too sure if I quite got to grips with shaping the neck, but time will tell. Last night my daughter and her friend were in the kitchen and the conversation went like this:-

Friend " Why is your Mum knitting a sporan "
Daughter " It's not a sporan it's a monkey "
Friend " Oh thats ok then " pops her head round door " nice monkey"

Ah they can mock but once this little sporan is finished I bet they all want one!

Wednesday, 6 February 2008