Thursday, 20 December 2007

All Things Frozen

Brr It's cold, we have had freezing fog for the past two days and I cannot remember ever feeling this cold. Way too much happening here and still lots to do. Wish I could plug myself into a energy source and whee I would be off, knowing my luck it would short circuit, think hibernation may be a better idea.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Chocolate Fest

Thanks to a friends recent trip to the USA today I over indulged and now feel sick. Got to blame it on the Americans. The past few days have been pretty yuck, but I have managed, mostly via the Internet, to accomplish nearly all my Xmas shopping, now all I need is a magic fairy to wrap it for me. My friend arrived from Greece today, caught up with her on the phone and am looking forward to her visiting on Saturday , If I ply her with wine I am sure she will help put up the Xmas tree,only problem is I still have to go buy one.

Saturday, 1 December 2007


I finally worked out how to add links, a major achievement as my brain cells are on a go slow tonight. I have been trying to decide whether to buy another camera, a DSLR as opposed to a compact. A bit senseless really considering the amount of time I actually get out of the house. I have been playing with my daughters Pentax but its way to heavy for me and I am a Fuji fan. Tired but wired tonight, a feeling which I hate, think I may need a chill pill.

Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty

Today mine is empty,the after effects of a xmas shopping trip yesterday with my sister and brother-in-law. On days like this I always ask myself "Why Did You Do It". The answer would be because I would go insane if I didn't. I read earlier an article on CFS/ME which described how to promote healing through passion and improve your quality of life. Passion through music,art,creativity. So as I type I am listening to Bob Dylan sing. It also stated that you should try to experience feelings of gratitude,joy,compassion, love and kindness for yourself and others....which leads me back to my shopping expedition. My sister was my brain as she completely understood my lists ( scribbles on the back of envelopes) which came out of the depth of my handbag at regular intervals and she only raised her eyebrows and gave me funny looks a few times My brother-in-law provided a steady supply of bottled water,cups of tea and a turkey sandwich. All in all it was a nice day and after the pain killers kicked in I was even to be found sitting in Borders humming along to the xmas songs. So, for all that I am grateful and todays pay back has been worth it and tomorrow...who glass could be half full.
I came across some information on using VALGANCICLOVIR (a anti viral drug) for the treatment of ME. I think there may have been some trials done in America. For now it is time to experience joy and have Greek chocolate, I shall then see if I can find anymore information.

Friday, 23 November 2007

Lamposts and Wires

 I have realised recently how difficult it can be to get the picture you want without including lamposts and telephone wires,they are everywhere. Mostly they detract from the image you are trying to capture, but in this picture I like them and think they actually add something to the picture, there is no accounting for taste. Or, could it be that I am simply not clever enough to edit them out:)
Time for a cuppa and some food, now that I can do.
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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Missing...Not In Action

Everyday my aim is to either write something here or post a picture, so far I am not doing to good. I do not know where the days disappear to. Not enough " well" time in the day for me. It has mostly been a "on the sofa" type week for me, apart from a trip to the supermarket and today's excitement, a trip to the doctors. On Monday if anyone had saw me they would have thought I had been on the booze as my balance was all over the place, it's amazing what becomes "normal" to someone with ME. Tuesday I had a malfunctioning brain, the dog almost had bird seed mixed in with her dinner instead of dog biscuits ( she would probably have ate it anyway). Yesterday my friend (who also has ME) visited with her dog Coco. This dog is lacking in the beauty department but she is so loopy you have got to love her, a bit like her owner, she drove up to see me in her pyjamas, just another normal day. Today I read that this coming weekend is the second anniversary of the death of Sophia Mirza, she was the first person recorded in the UK to have died as a direct result of the illness ME. Part of her "treatment" involved being forcibly removed from her home and sectioned. The story of Sophia's illness is horrendous but sadly not uncommon for ME sufferers. My thoughts are with her family,their suffering continues. To end tonight's ramblings on a lighter note my daughter has just perched herself on the end of my bed wanting to talk about her 18th birthday party ( what party ). Its not till April....HELP

Friday, 9 November 2007


In the villages in Crete they drink their wine from these little glasses, I borrowed one whilst I was there.

A Little Stroll

In the past couple of weeks I have managed to get out for a walk, this has been quite an achievement. The dog has been loving it, if dogs can have expressions then hers read "what we're going out!" I am lucky that nearby there is a historical monument ( a old castle) with some beautiful woodland walkways. Met a group of other dog walkers who stared but gave me neither a smile or a nod, I was definitely invading on their territory, people can be funny, but their dogs were nice.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Peter Bjorn and John

Love this song, go have a listen

Reflection In The Mirror

Was practising taking photographs in low light situations, this in one of my daughter Katie taken by candlelight

Falling Slowly

This is a lovely song from a movie called "Once" go listen, I hope you enjoy

Kalinihta Ellada

I have really got to get to grips with this and start blogging. To be honest I forgot all about it. Anyone with a ME brain would understand this. I had a really relaxing break recently in Crete, the highlight being a chinese massage on the beach, it made me feel 2ft taller.Think I have now got the post holiday blues. It surprises me everytime I go that I can feel slightly better, less pain, less fatigue and able to do more. Now back home, back to reality I feel somewhat angry that it cant be like that more often.

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

And Then I Ate It

No ponderings today but I am going to try and post a picture now..This one is for Kaz.
Its called "And Then I Ate It"

This is me testing...testing...testing